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Direct Push | Soil Probing

Geoserv can offer numerous direct push sampling techniques including cased-hole sampling, discrete sampling and multi-cased hole sampling as your project needs dictate. We provide equipment and tooling options for adapting to unknown or difficult site conditions with one mobilization. Our direct push services include the following:

  • Soil core sampling
  • Ground water sampling
  • Vertical aquifer profile sampling
  • Soil gas sampling
  • Injection Monitor well installation

Extensive Background

Our background provides a unique advantage over other firms: a more complete understanding of your project objectives from a scientific as well as a regulatory standpoint. This is helpful not only in the project-planning stages but also during field activities.

Environmental Drilling

Geoserv performs a variety of drilling services, including the following:

  • Hollow stem auger drilling
  • Air or wet rotary drilling
  • Rock coring
  • Single and double cased well installation
  • Our new rig, the Geoprobe 8040DT
    • Well suited for large diameter and/or deeper drilling projects.

Remedial Injection

We can inject a variety of remediation compounds. GeoServ is equipped with the latest injection equipment and tooling available and have completed some extraordinary large-scale injection projects.

Our grouting services include tremie grouting of deep wells (new wells or for well abandonment).

The following list are some of the products we have injected:

  • Oxygen Release Compound (ORC®)
  • Adventus
  • Micro-Blaze® Emergency Liquid Spill Control

Exclusive Focus

GeoServ specializes solely in drilling-related services and not in laboratory or consulting services. This allows us to focus on providing our customers with the best drilling services possible, without being distracted by unrelated services or possible conflicts of interest.

Vacuum Excavation & Air Knifing

GeoServ offers air knifing and vacuum excavation services, which is useful for each of the following activities:

  • Pre-drilling, probing and excavation safety protocol
    • pre-clearing with the air knife to a safe depth and then initiating drilling/probing
  • Locating a utility or tank and drilling next to it
    • more accurate migration pathway assessment
  • Confirming the presence of known or suspected USTs without the use of an excavator
  • Excavating around sensitive areas such as product lines or other buried utilities

Direct Sensing

GeoServ can provide high resolution characterization of soil hydraulic properties at your site using our Geoprobe® Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT) and Electrical Conductivity (EC) logging system.

We provide a field computer for real-time data retrieval and viewing. This system is ideal for quick and high resolution lithology/hydrostratigraphy logging of sites. Other features/uses of the data include:

  • Qualitatively define formation permeability
  • Locate contaminant migration pathways
  • Identify optimal locations for monitoring and water supply well screens
  • Guide remedial injection programs
  • Construct Geologic cross-sections
  • Locate and define brine plumes or seawater intrusion areas (when coupled with EC)
  • Provide a continuous log of estimated K values (Hydraulic Conductivity) from ground surface down to whatever depth you decide to stop logging at.

GeoServ has several years of experience in the operation of this equipment, including data interpretation. This is crucial to obtaining quality data in addition to providing a smooth flowing project.

The Right Tools

We continuously seek out the best equipment available in order to provide our customers with the latest and most efficient equipment for conducting site investigation work. We come prepared with numerous tooling options that allow us to provide a variety of ways to obtain samples or install wells.

Utility Location Services

We can mark items that MISS DIG doesn’t mark – or failed to mark – such as electrical conduits to light poles or signs, water lines, etc.

We remove the guesswork from underground “mysteries” and can prevent the standby time that can result from unmarked utilities.

Special Services

Some of GeoServ’s special services include the following:

  • Drilling from a barge
  • Limited-access probing (low clearance/interior capabilities)
  • Rapid response
  • Level B PPE work environment experience

Over the years GeoServ has been involved in a wide variety of unique drilling and probing projects. We have worked with our customers on several occasions to accommodate unusual sampling or drilling requirements.