Geoprobe 8040DT Rig

Geoprobe 8040DT Rig


Weight (standard machine) 17,500 lb.
Width 6.7 ft.
Length (folded) 14.7 ft.
Length (unfolded) 15.8 ft.
Height (folded) 8.25 ft.
Height (unfolded - winch mast down) 12.75 ft.
Height (unfolded - winch mast up) 19.3 ft.
Vertical Travel (CB8 Combo Head) 7 ft.
Down Force 59,000 lb.
Retraction Force 80,000 lb.

This is a high-capacity direct push machine with hollow stem auger drilling capabilities. With the new GH80 Hammer, this machine is capable of driving up to 6" diameter casing into areas that previously were not only inaccessible but also unthinkable. This machine incorporates a high torque two-speed hydraulic top head for classic auger/drilling methods and for lithologies not conducive to direct-push techniques.

This rig will shine where 6600 series and 7800 series rigs have difficulty or meet refusal.

Geoprobe 8040