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Who we are

GeoServ was founded in 1998 by Dean Govan, a hydrogeologist with a minor in chemistry and three years of experience in environmental consulting. Having seen drilling from a geologist’s perspective, Mr. Govan designed this company and its services in order to better meet individual client needs.


From the beginning, Mr. Govan’s background, education and experience have helped set GeoServ apart from its competitors. The same is true today. GeoServ’s goal is to provide superior drilling solutions through innovative ideas, modern equipment, industry knowledge and years of experience.


Our clients include private consulting and engineering firms, governmental agencies and state universities. GeoServ has completed work in a variety of states throughout the Midwest region.

Our Competitive Edge

GeoServ can offer the best and most efficient drilling technique to meet your project’s objective. Our background gives us a unique advantage over other firms by allowing us a more complete understanding of our clients’ project objectives – from a scientific as well as a regulatory standpoint. This can be helpful not only in the project-planning stages but also during field activities. This experience affords us the ability to offer innovative ideas and equipment for completing your site investigation work.

GeoServ specializes solely in drilling-related services and not in laboratory or consulting services. This allows us to focus on providing our customers with the best drilling services possible, without being distracted by unrelated services or possible conflicts of interest.

GeoServ backs its industry knowledge and experience with the most advanced equipment and tooling. We continuously seek out the best equipment available in order to provide our customers with the latest and most efficient equipment for conducting site investigation work. We come prepared with numerous tooling options that allow us to provide a variety of ways to obtain samples or install wells. This is essential when immediate decisions or changes need to be made to adapt to unique site conditions. GeoServ is a big proponent of Geoprobe Systems® tooling and equipment. Our partnership with them over the years has allowed us to stay on the cutting edge of site investigation tools. We have worked with Geoprobe® on several occasions to test and/or suggest new tooling or improvements to existing tooling.

GeoServ puts a high emphasis on safety. Drilling services are inherently dangerous, and we maintain a high level of commitment by providing well trained personnel and meticulous equipment maintenance to ensure that all work is completed safely.

Because it operates on a smaller scale, GeoServ can offer a quality of service superior to that typically available from larger firms. We are a highly specialized company which gives us a cost-effective advantage.