GeoServ is your premier
environmental service provider.

Direct Sensing

Environmental Drilling & Probing

Vacuum Excavation / Air Knifing

The GeoServ Advantage


Specializing in drilling and direct push services. Technologically advanced equipment and tooling.



Unique solutions to unique situations. We design solutions for special drilling requirements.



Our background gives us a unique advantage to understand our clients' project objectives.

Our Specialties

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Direct Push | Soil Probing

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Sampling, Injection, Installation
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Environmental Drilling

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Featuring the Geoprobe 8040DT
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Remedial Injection

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The latest injection equipment and tooling available
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What Sets Us Apart

  • An extensive background

    Our background provides a unique advantage over other firms: a more complete understanding of your project objectives from a scientific as well as a regulatory standpoint. This is helpful not only in the project-planning stages but also during field activities.
  • An exclusive focus

    GeoServ specializes solely in drilling-related services and not in laboratory or consulting services. This allows us to focus on providing our customers with the best drilling services possible, without being distracted by unrelated services or possible conflicts of interest.
  • The right tools

    We continuously seek out the best equipment available in order to provide our customers with the latest and most efficient equipment for conducting site investigation work. We come prepared with numerous tooling options that allow us to provide a variety of ways to obtain samples or install wells.

Our Details

GeoServ, Inc.
P.O. Box 238
New Hudson, MI 48165
P: (248) 486-9680
F: (248) 486-9681

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New Arrivals

  • Second Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT) System

  • HPT-GWS: a combined HPT and Groundwater Sampler Probe

  • The Ultra-Violet Optical Screening Tool (UVOST) LIF tool